3 Common Scams and How To Spot Them Against Your Dog

It’s easy to think you won’t be drawn into a scam. Unfortunately, today’s scammers are masters at manipulation They know exactly what buttons to push and on whom in order to get a response. Knowing what scams are commonly practiced in your area can help you spot themes easier so you are less likely to become the next victim. These three are all widely practiced and can quickly cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  1. Discounted Puppies

In puppy scams, fake breeders offer puppies at prices that seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, they almost always are. Buyers end up losing their money and either getting a sick puppy or none at all. This one may take more than your money, too, since family members will be heartbroken to find out that the puppy they are in love with isn’t coming home. Avoid puppy scams by shopping at a reputable dog breeder Houston TX or using an established animal rescue organization.

  1. Fake Checks

There are several variations of this scam. The most common one involves someone calling you claiming you have won a prize. They arrange to send you a check that you deposit into your bank and then send them a processing fee. Unfortunately, once you wire that fee, the check you received is returned for insufficient funds. There should not be a fee associated with a legitimate prize. If you decide to deposit a check, wait for it to clear your bank before you send any money in return.

  1. Tax Trouble

In this scam, callers contact you claiming you owe back taxes. They will ask to make payment arrangements over the phone in order to get personal and banking information. The truth is that government offices will never call you demanding payment or personal information over the phone. All communication will be through the mail. Hang up and report the call to your state consumer protection office.

Don’t fall victim to the puppy, IRS and fake check scams. Keep an eye out for them and report any suspicious activity.

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