Four Questions to Consider When Choosing a French Bulldog Breeder

With their perky ears, squishy faces and sweet temperament, French Bulldogs have become a popular breed to bring home. As you look for where to find Frenchie puppies, it’s important to make sure you don’t purchase a dog from a puppy mill. These four questions will help you discern the unethical breeders from the reputable ones.

  1. Do They Vet Puppy Parents? 

Reputable breeders won’t sell their Frenchies to just anyone. They may ask you why you want a Frenchie and if you’ve had prior experience with the breed. Individuals who live in a condo or apartment may have to show proof that pets are permitted. You may also answer questions about who will train and care for the puppy daily.

  1. Are They Transparent?

Responsible breeders will take pride in their animals. Before you make your purchase, they will invite you and everyone in your household for a visit with your potential pup and his or her parents. The area where the dogs live should appear clean, comfortable and spacious, and you should find that the dogs are vital and friendly.

  1. Do They Breed Sparingly?

Reputable breeders won’t have puppies at all times of the year, but they can refer you to another responsible breeder or inform you of when the next litter is available. They also specialize in one or a few breeds and have expertise in those breeds’ requirements.

  1. Are They Committed to Their Dogs’ Long-Term Health? 

The ethical breeder is committed to their dogs’ health, even after you take the dog home. They will show you the medical records for the Frenchie and his or her parents, and they should give you ample time to review a written contract with a health guarantee. They may require you to sign a contract indicating that you will return the dog if you cannot keep it at any point. Unless you have plans to show your Frenchie, you may sign a contract stating that you will spay or neuter the dog.

By purchasing your Frenchie from a reputable breeder, you support ethical breeding practices and can feel confident that your new best friend will be happy and healthy.

  1. Extra Question – Selecting A Name

When you are going to get a French Bulldog, you might also want to give your dog a name that shows his origin or heritage.

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