3 Ways To Minimize Horse-Related Injuries

While horses very rarely intend to harm you, riding and interacting with horses can be dangerous. Due to the large size of a horse, if they react suddenly to pain or fear, you can be easily wounded. Furthermore, while riding a horse, especially in activities such as jumping or barrel racing, your risk of danger is increased due to speed and gravity. Check out these 3 ways to minimize the likelihood of a horse-related injury:

  1. Pay Attention

Always be aware of where you are in proximity to your horse. Don’t walk directly behind your horse, especially if they don’t know you’re there. While riding your horse, you want to pay attention to the way they are reacting to their surroundings. If you can tell your horse is agitated, take time to determine what the cause is before trying to force your horse to perform.

  1. Use Practical Equipment

The shiniest equipment isn’t always the best equipment. When choosing such items as horse jump cavaletti, remember to look for dog-eared or beveled edges to reduce the risk of injury to your horse and yourself. When determining the best device for any horse-related need, comfort for your horse can go a long way.

  1. Wear Safety Gear

Whenever you choose to get on a horse you should take safety precautions. While you never hope to be thrown from a horse, wearing a helmet is important every time you ride. Whether you are going for a short trail ride or completing a full show course, you never know what factor might startle your horse causing an unforeseen accident.

Riding horses can be a relaxing, exciting and enjoyable experience, but you never know what might happen. As horses are living beings, they can be unpredictable at inconvenient times. However, if you take precautions, the likelihood of injury from a horse can be minimized greatly.

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