5 Best Automatic Litter Boxes for Preventing Odors

If you’re a cat lover like I am, then you’ve probably considered investing in something “luxury” for your fur babies far more often than you should admit. At this point, I’m sure you’ve heard of the mystical world of automatic litter boxes?

Automatic litter boxes are not only convenient for your cats, but they seem to be the superior choice to finally put the days of foul odors behind us. These are fully equipped self-cleaning machines with a variety of features to help minimize and trap unwanted odors.

But where do we begin in examining all of the different features and varying design elements for what’s available? Some have carbon filters, some have waste compartments, and some even have a wash cycle! All designed with the same goal in mind, clean that cat litter and neutralize those odors!

Here are 5 of the best automatic litter boxes for preventing odors.

#1 Litter-Robot

The Litter Robot is a highly efficient automatic litter box designed to rotate and trap clumped litter into a separate waste compartment with a filtered system.

Using a series of back and forth rotating shifts the unit is effectively able to separate the clean from the “not so clean” and swiftly traps waste into a bottom drawer to help minimize any chance for dust or odors to escape.

The filter system is designed to help ventilate and neutralize the waste drawer compartment. While effective this system will need replacement from time to time.


Requires little to no maintenance.

Separate/concealed waste drawer.

Carbon filters.

Swift cleaning cycle following a usage.


Highly expensive unit ($499.99).

Carbon filters will need replacing.

#2 ChillX AutoEgg

The ChillX AutoEgg is a minimalist self-cleaning litter box with a highly optimized design and a slow and steady raking system. To help prevent any dust or unwanted odors from escaping ChillX has designed a hooded unit with a 5-minute cleaning cycle to ensure no dust or debris gets kicked up into the air mid clean.

Just a few minutes following a bathroom trip the weight sensors will trigger a cleaning cycle to sift through the litter bed and separate the clumps into a concealed waste compartment.

After your cat has done their business and exits the unit the cellular tracking step will help to scrape any debris from their paws to avoid any tracking around the house (a common contributing factor to unwanted odors).


Sleek design allows for placement anywhere in your home.

Built-in cellular tracking step helps to prevent dirty paws from tracking.

Hooded design offers superior dust and odor control.

Separate/concealed waste drawer.

Unit designed to cycle and trap litter 4 times a day in addition to every bathroom trip.


High price point ($399.99).

No filtration system in the waste drawer.

#3 Petsafe ScoopFree

Similar to the AutoEgg the ScoopFree by Petsafe uses a slow-moving horizontal rake system to sift through the litter bed and move soiled clumps to the waste compartment.

The hooded design is a great feature for preventing some of those odors but the real perk comes from the litter bed itself. ScoopFree requires you to use their crystal gel litter trays which are highly effective at absorbing urine and other unwanted smells.

The only downside is that the trays are not reusable and will need to be replaced once they’re fully saturated roughly every few weeks. Petsafe does offer a permanent tray which would still require regular crystal litter replacements.

Additionally, the unit’s waste compartment is not designed to fully close making it a little bit of a challenge to properly trap and conceal those unwanted odors.


Cost-effective option ($99).

Crystal gel litter trays effectively absorb and eliminate odors.

Hooded design.


Cleaning rake is not stick-resistant and will collect a lot of debris.

Waste compartment is not fully enclosed.

Crystal litter trays will need to be replaced regularly ($90 for a 4 pack).

 #4 CatGenie

The CatGenie is a unique system that connects to your cold water line (most likely in your bathroom) and runs its reusable granules through a full wash and dry before redistributing them in the litter bed.

You can set timers for the CatGenie to automatically clean itself making sure a swift and thorough 20-30 minute cycle leaves that litter looking clean and odor-free.

There is a built-in filter cartridge that will need to be replaced but helps to effectively clean away debris from the granules.

Since this system uses a non-traditional form of litter it’s virtually dust free and will mostly rely on the timed cleaning schedule to deal with soiled litter.

It is an open-air unit so there’s always the possibility for an unwanted smell while waiting for the cleaning cycle to initiate. Aside from that, the CatGenies feels like a rock-solid choice!

Just make sure those litter granules don’t clog up your plumbing!


Scheduled routine cleanings.

Fully washes, dissolves, dries, and reuses litter granules.


Open-air unit isn’t effective at trapping odors.

Granules tend to scatter since there are no high walls.

Filters will need to be replaced.

#5 Aimicat

Aimitcat is a newer model to the market. Operating with a very similar function to that of the Litter Robot this unit also uses a rotating mechanism to sift through and separate litter into a concealed waste compartment.

Equipped with a built-in (and replaceable) filter the Aimicat is nearly just as effective as the industry giant, the Litter Robot, but for half the price.

So what’s the catch? The Aimicat is a brand new unit to the market, so even though it may look like the Litter Robot its youth as a company raises a red flag for quality.


Requires little to no maintenance.

Separate/concealed waste drawer.

Carbon filters.

Swift cleaning cycle following a usage.


No long term testing.

Filters will need replacing.

In Conclusion

Scooping your cat’s litter is no pleasant task, but putting up with unwanted odors is just adding insult to injury.

As you venture into the world of technologically advanced cat products an automatic litter box will routinely appear to be the best step forward for any modern-day cat owner.

We hope this breakdown has given you some insight into how these top tier units stack up and compare in their abilities to minimize or conceal unwanted odors.

After all, if you’re shelling out a few hundred bucks for a litter box the least it can do is help to deal with the stench!



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