How Can CBD Help Horses?

Does your horse seem down and low lately? Is there a significant change in its sleeping and eating pattern? Then there is a prominent likelihood that your horse is going through any physical or mental stress. There is no two way that no one can love your horse more than you do, and trying horse CBD may be the best answer to your worries. 

According to many horse owners and health professionals, CBD has significantly helped many horses; however, there have been no published studies. Whatsoever, it has proven to be the last resort for much restless horse keeper. Nonetheless, if you are still not aware of CBD and own a horse that needs help, then it’s time you learn what it is and how horse CBD helpful. 

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What Is CBD?

It is crucial to know that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) monitors any animal’s physical inability and helps reinstate it to the normal state. So, CBD is a short form of cannabidiol, a chemical compound that enhances ECS helps it work more productively and efficiently. It comes from a cannabis plant that has another derivative, THC, that is considered a sedative. 

Not to mention, CBD comes from hemp, while THC is present more in marijuana. However, only 0.3% of THC is available in CBD, which is safe for your horse. 

Is It Safe for Your Horse?

The next factor you now want to know is if horse CBD is safe? Well, based on people’s experiences, it is entirely safe to use. As it only has 0.3% of THC, it does not carry any harmful effects when appropriately given. It is non-toxic and non-addictive and hardly causes any drowsiness. 

Symptoms Your Horse Needs Treatment

If there is no physically evident problem with your horse, it is hard to detect the exact issue. However, there are many symptoms that you can assess when it comes to knowing if your horse needs any treatment like CBD. 

So, if you see your horse experience any of the mentioned issues then it is time for you to consult a health professional for horse CBD;

  • Situations leading to anxiety
  • Any chronic stress
  • Any evident pain
  • Soreness or stiffness in the body
  • Inflammation

Numerous causes may lead up to any psychological or physical issue in your horse. However, it is essential to treat them efficiently and on time. Horse CBD might be the best solution in such a situation. Now, let’s assess how it can help your horse. 

How CBD Helps Horses?

ECS is one of the most critical systems that also control the animal’s nervous and immune system. When your horse in any distress, it is most likely to lose appetite and sleep. So, when CBD gives a push, it starts to work efficiently; hence, your horse would positively impact its health. Moreover, CBD has qualities that prevent inflammation, relieve pains, anxiety, and work as an antidepressant.

There are several things that horse CBD can improve. The metabolism and appetite for the horse are positively affected, and it also helps in better digestion. CBD aids in fixing the mental state, so your horse is expected to have a cheerful mood.

Also, due to its constructive effect on the nervous system, the animal’s mobility improves. Moreover, refined digestion helps fight obesity and ulcers too. Not to mention, the insomnia is handled substantially with the help if CBD products. Many people who went for this product saw a significant change in their horse, so CBD has become one of the most suitable resolutions. 

Dosage for Your Horse

There is no doubt that horse CBD helps fight many issues; however, it is best to first consult a doctor before giving your horse any such product. Additionally, each animal’s dosage varies, as it depends on the animal’s weight and size. Also, the seriousness of the illness matters when it comes to prescribing the quantity of the dosage. Not to forget, the type of CBD (Oils, Capsules, or concentrates) may also help determine the amount. 

Can Your Horse Race?

Being a horse owner, you must know that the horses medically need to be at their best before any competition; hence, your horse mustn’t be on CBD. Although mild, it has a small percentage of THC in it, which is not ideal. As urine or blood test quickly detects THC, it is probably best to discontinue CBD seven to ten days before any event. Even if the product you are using contains less or no THC, it is still better to stop its use. 


Well, it is evident that horse CBD aids you not singlehandedly, but its benefits are multifold. It is the solution for all those who worry about the mental and physical health of their horses. Once you use it, there will be visible changes that you will notice. However, it is imperative to consult a veterinary before going for CBD for your horse.

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