Can You Really Find a Great Dog Bed on the Web?

Are you worried about picking out a good dog bed online? Don’t worry–we have some really great tips for sorting through the endless options available to you here. After all, we’ve all ordered something online and then received something completely different in the mail before. No one wants a repeat of that time they ordered an office chair and got a chair the right size for a dollhouse instead. But double-checking dimensions isn’t the only concern you should have when you shop online for a dog bed. So, what else should you be looking for when you buy a new bed for your furry friend?

First, you need to be looking at materials. There are plenty of beautiful, luxurious dog beds out there that will tempt you. Don’t buy into these overhyped, overplush designs. Dogs are active and messy animals, so they will immediately make a mess of their bed. That’s why you should be looking for durable materials that are easy to clean. A removable soft cover is a nice addition, but it’s even better to prioritize waterproofing if you’re looking at other characteristics in materials. I love having a dog bed cover that I can throw straight into the wash because it makes my life so much easier!

Next, you should be thinking about support for your doggy. Think about how you feel on a lumpy mattress or with a flat pillow. Not so comfy, right? To make sure your dog rests well and feels great, choose a center material that will mold to the shape of your pup without giving out the second that they lay down. A supportive, orthopedic foam is a great choice for dogs of any age–from puppies to senior dogs, an orthopedic base dog bed provides the support that keeps your dog supported, happy, and healthy for all of their life.

Another thing to be aware of is choosing the right size dog bed. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your dog needs one size bed, only to realize that it’s way too small for them when they stretch out in their sleep. Many dogs are just like humans and need to try out a few positions before they really get comfortable enough to sleep through the night–I know my dog sure likes to move around a lot!

You’re probably wondering what to do with all of this information now that you have it. If you’re still overwhelmed by the unlimited options on the internet, then I have a recommendation for you: my Sadie loves her medium sized bed from GC Beds. It has all of the features that I described in my ideal dog bed above (made from a waterproof and durable material, supportive foam core, and appropriately sized). Plus, GC Beds makes it easy to customize your dog’s bed with removable fleece outer layers, extra pillows, or monogramming. All of GC Beds’ dog beds are proudly made in the USA, come with a 10-year warranty, and they donate food to shelter dogs with every purchase of a bed. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! And if your dog isn’t a fan, they have a 100-day risk-free guarantee. What’s not to love about that?

I hope that these tips helped. Happy dog bed hunting!

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