Tear Stains In Small Dogs Needs To Be Taken Good Care

Tear stains in small dogs are the reddish-brown staining that develops on their face. Excessive amounts of tears draw from the little dog’s face. It looks like some skin irritation, possible infection, and creates a server odor.


Tear stains in small dogs are often caused by genetic reasons. If they have a genetic tendency towards excessive tears it can cause a lot of problems. Many dogs have a facial bone structure that causes more tear drainage and results in more steering than other breeds of dogs. Some of the dogs also have very small tear ducts that clog up. It also causes additional tearing. Due to eye infection, ear infection, allergies, parasites such as fleas tear stains are caused.

Ways to treat it

  • You need to keep your dog’s eye area clean. You need to check the dog’s eyes regularly for dust, hairs, and debris.
  • You need to check your dog at least twice for your infections. This type of bacterial infections of the eye and clogged tear ducts need to be cleared.
  • Giving a bath to your dog removes debris from it fast and reduces the chances of fleas. It is advisable to use good shampoos and cleanse it to keep it away from infections.
  • The owner of the pet dog can also use a clear stain remover. It is easy to use and it can be helpful for the dog to have a good and clean face.

Taking proper care

The dog owners need to evaluate what they are feeding to the pets to make sure that they use high-quality dog food. It should not have overdosed with sugar, salt, or preservatives, and chemicals. Introducing high-quality dry food is best to provide optimal nutrition. Several products in the market address the tear stains in small dogs.

The antibiotics will help

These products contain a percentage of antibiotics that help to deal with the infection in the dog’s eyes or ears. It is also advisable to take the help of the veterinarian in order to avoid the situation getting worse. To cure the problem naturally, there are possible solutions that can be implemented.

The problem of tear stains in small dogs

Tear stains in a small dogs is a common problem. It can be treated with proper medication and care. It can spoil the look of the beautiful dog and make the problems increase. Long hair and bulging eyes is a common trait of the breed to have staining. Low-quality commercial food can result in excessive tears stains while some puppies also have a tendency to have watery eyes.

The environment

The environment also plays a major role depending on the time of the year such as dust, pollen. It is very important for the owner of the dog to take care of its physical health. It is best done by keeping their face and eyes clean, it can reduce the tendency of bacteria or yeast to build up. Your dog needs the maximum amount of care during this phase.

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