Lavagante Cat Channel: Paradise for Cat Lovers!

Social media is perhaps the biggest innovations in the web world from the past few decades. Blogging was one of the earliest forms of social networking, but this section of the web has evolved significantly over the years to give websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn that are unique in their ways. There are forums and video sharing sites too that fall under this category. Then there are video sharing sites. Lavagante is another powerful social networking site that has evolved out of the horde, providing new avenues for like-minded people to come together, share content, news, make comments and do more. 

What is Lavagante?

Lavagante is an excellent online platform for sharing almost all kinds of content and news. It also allows you to comment on shares made by other users. The site stands out for its unique approach to social networking. It allows you to create your own channel. There are thousands of channels on the platform and its ‘Cats’ channel is one of the most popular ones. It also supports small widgets known as Lavidgets in each channel that allow you to offer a wide range of activities or applications, including gaming.

The Lavagante Cats Channel

Whether you are looking for the cutest breeds of cats or want to know what is the best food for your furry friend, this is a great platform to find all the relevant information, news, and advice. You are never short of reasons for loving cats. And this is certainly the one-stop-shop for all the knowledge you will need to bring up your pet and make life great for them and yourself. 

Shared News & Info From All Over the Web

Follows thousands of cat enthusiastsfrom all over the world and get access to the treasure trove of information they have to share. Whether it is news on cat food from vets, published on leading news sites or some lovely videos of people’s pets, you can find people sharing all sorts of information on Lavagante’s Cat Channel.

There are so many reasons why people love cats and this channel is a celebration of all those reasons. Here are some of the main reasons why you would also love this channel if you have a soft corner in your heart for fluffy kitties.

Cats are Beautiful

The Cats Channel on Lavagante is flooded with posts sharing photos of all types, breeds, and colors of cats from around the world. You can learn about new breeds, share pictures of beautiful cats on your social network, and do lots more. Kittens have almost unmatched levels of cuteness. No matter what your preferences about other pets, you cannot ignore the charm of cats.And this is the perfect online platform to celebrate it.

Cats are Unique & Odd at Times

It is a well-known fact that every cat is unique in its way. Lavagante’s Cat Channel allows all cat lovers to share the quirkinessand strangeness of their cats here. It is not a surprise that cat owners often tend to treat their kitties like tiny humans because each cat has a unique personality.

A kitty can do strange things without any reason or warning. They can squeeze into tight spaces, knock of things, or get all entangled in your laundry or clothes.Such behaviors can be both funny and annoying. 

Cats are Great for Your Health

The more time you spend around your cat and on the Cat Channel, the better it is going to be for your health. This is something that is claimed by scientific research studies. It has been proven that the more time you spend in the company of your kitty or thinking about them, the better it is for your heart.

So why not must spend more time readingnews about how a cat saved his owner’s kid from an aggressive dog, warning the entire family about fire, or watching beautiful photos or videos of cute cats.These health benefits have been proven by many studies, most notably the University of Minnesota study that was conducted over a period of 10 years.

A Place to Celebrate Your Obsession with Cats

There is a world of people who are obsessed with cats. Many are so obsessed that it is something of an addiction to them. Lavagante’s Cat Channel is an excellent online place for you to get your dose of cat news and info every day. It is an excellent platform to get a fix of happinessto brighten up your day. There are dozens of new posts everyday from cat lovers from all over the world. So you are never short of cat news.

Making the Lesser Known Cat Traits Popular

Mostno-cat people think that cats are always focused on minding their own business. Many think that kitties don’t like to bother with humans. As a cat lover, you know how big a misconception that is. Cats are not as anti-social as the general perception is. This Cat Channel is a great attempt to bust all those misconceptions about your favorite pet type.

Cats too love to spend time around their owners. They too desire love and attention. This is a platform where you can see cats seeking out affection and cuddles from their owners.


Cats have always been believed to live in their own mysterious world. That is not completely true. Even the ancient kings and queens have wanted this unique animal to stay close to them – even after their deaths. This Cat Channel is something of an extension of that love and respect for your purry friends.It is a social platform for you to find fascinating information, pictures, and videos of cats. You can also share all kinds of info that you come across.It is hard to find such a dedicated channel for kitties. It has everything that you can ask for and it continues to grow at a fast pace. You can also create your own channel.

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