Is CBD a Safe Source of Comfort & Relief for Dogs?

CBD is a compound found in hemp plants, which is a cousin of the cannabis plant. It is closely related to the compound called THC, but CBD doesn’t give you that “high” experience that most marijuana users experience. But, what makes CBD great are the health benefits it can give to its users. Marijuana contains an ample amount of CBD, but THC is the main compound you will find in this plant. Hemp is where CBD can be found in large amounts. Even if CBD is banned in some countries due to some technicality, its wonderful benefits are undeniable.

It has been largely debated if CBD is also safe for animals, specifically dogs. Thanks to research and modern medicine, CBD is now proven and tested to be a great source of relief for dogs. You will find many CBD articles about dogs ingesting CBD. Learn more about it here.

CBD as a Great Medicine for Easing Anxiety & Stress in Dogs

Even though scientific evidence is lacking in regards to the health benefits of CBD in dogs, there’s ample research that proves dogs can still benefit from it. The most common issues that dogs face are anxiety and stress, pain, inflammation, sleep issues, seizures, cancer and cardiac conditions, and depression. Like humans, dogs can also register CBD in their system through the cannabinoid receptors. They also have an endocannabinoid system, a signaling system responsible for the body’s response to stimuli. Anxiety is a response to certain triggers, and giving your dogs CBD can help ease it.

If you plan on giving your dogs CBD to treat their anxiety and stress, remember only to give them a safe dosage. Usually, it depends on the dog’s size and weight. Do not give them a high dosage right away because it can cause more problems than you started with.

Learn the Major Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Many research and studies are showing how CBD can positively affect dogs. The most common is how CBD can effectively treat dog’s anxiety. It is also a great remedy for various ailments, though veterinary use for CBD is still far and few in between. CBD reacts with their body’s endocannabinoid system (or ECS). This gives dogs a feeling of calm, which eases their stress, pain, and anxiety. Some mammals also have ECS, which lets them experience and respond to the calming effects of CBD.

CBD benefits are its calming effects for dogs who have chronic pain and osteoarthritis, joint problems, and serious conditions like cancer. It also reduces the seizures for dogs who suffer from epilepsy. It promotes calmness in dogs who are always anxiety-ridden. CBD is safe and well-tolerated by animals. So you have nothing to worry about when it comes to giving them this sort of natural remedy.

Some pet owners would turn to CBD when they find that pharmaceuticals don’t work anymore. As humans, it’s all about finding the best medicine that your body can tolerate. CBD is one of them. And based on countless testimonials, it is currently one of the best.

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