How Do You Memorialize a Cat? Your Complete Cat Memorial Guide


The heartbreak that comes with finally letting your beloved pet go is one of the toughest experiences you can have in this life.

When you have been together for so many years they can leave a big hole in your life. What is the best way to remember them once they have crossed over the rainbow bridge?

Thankfully there are lots of heartwarming ways to memorialize a cat and keep your friend’s memory close to your heart.

Let’s take a look at some wonderful ways you can remember your best furry friend.

Create a Keepsake

There are lots of ways to memorialize a cat but one of the best and most personal is to create a keepsake. You can do this in different ways.

You could create a keepsake that is made from the cremation ashes of your pet. This is a beautiful way to remain together even after their passing.

There are companies that will create stunning jewelry pieces that enclose your cat’s ashes and allow you to wear them close to your heart at all times.

If you prefer, you could create other kinds of keepsakes such as memorial stones to place in the garden. These can be designed with a picture of your cat, their name, and dates. These can also make a beautiful cat memorial for a grave.

If you have the opportunity before your cat passes, you can take a paw print in either ink or plaster. These can be turned into charming pieces of artwork for your walls, keeping your pet in your heart and mind every day.

Immortalize Them in Writing

It is possible to keep the treasured memory of your beloved cat in literature as well. This way they can stay remembered in the family and their memory be passed on to future generations too.

One of the great cat memorial ideas that will continue you on well beyond their passing is to create a storybook about your cat. The book contains a customized story written about your pet which children will love.

Alternatively, you could create a journal of your own with photos and stories of your pet’s life. It helps to look back at the happiest of memories when you are feeling sad. Remembering the adventures you had together will help you to deal with their passing over the rainbow bridge.

Donate to a Pet Charity

There are lots of pet charities or refuges that will take donations in your pet’s name. Some will also memorialize your pet by renaming a room or area of their shelter after your loved one.

Giving something back to other pets that may not have had the same wonderful life that your cat did is one of the most amazing ways to memorialize a cat. Remember them by helping others.

Plant Something

For a legacy that will last for the longest time why not consider planting something in your friend’s honor in your garden. If your cat loved to climb, why not plant a tree. If they loved the shade, plant a lovely bush or tall plant. You could even plant some catnip plants for the other neighborhood cats to enjoy.

Whatever you choose, you can sit back and watch it grow, and with each new day be reminded of your best friend and your life together.

The Best Way to Memorialize a Cat

Whatever you choose to memorialize a cat make sure you make it personal to you. It should be something that helps you remember the great times you had together during their happy life.

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