Characteristics of German Shepherd Dogs


German Shepherd dogs have a reputation for being loyal, protective and family-friendly. You have probably seen them working as police and military dogs, but they were initially bred to herd and protect sheep. However, these animals are much more than the working dogs they were bred to be. These are the characteristics of this incredible breed.


German Shepherds are very intelligent and curious, but they are typically wary of strangers. They are very protective of their owners, but a little socialization is necessary to prevent overprotectiveness. Due to their intelligence, they often require in-depth training. They are also hard workers and very obedient after they receive training.


As you search for AKC German Shepherd breeders Florida, learn more about their appearance. These dogs are somewhat large-sized, weighing between 50 and 90 pounds. They have square muzzles and bushy tails, but they are most known for their black masks and the saddle-like dark marks across their backs. These dogs come in a variety of color variations, from tan and black or red and black to pure black and pure white. Rare animals are also silver or panda colored.


German Shepherds have dense coats. These coats are water-resistant on the outer layer. Although some of these dogs have dense undercoats, others have no undercoat. Most have medium to long hair. They also tend to shed quite a bit once or twice each year. Therefore, your dog needs regular grooming, and when they are shedding, you should brush them every day.

Preferred Environment

German Shepherds are very active dogs. Therefore, they need a lot of space to exercise. They also enjoy being outside, both in a large yard and on an adventure with you. They enjoy long walks or runs, and they like to explore new places. If you have a decent-sized yard, love the outdoors and want a dog you can take with you, a German Shepherd may be perfect for you.


Shepherds bond deeply with their owners and families. They see themselves not as a pet, but as a family member. They want a strong, loving relationship with you. This means that they require a lot of quality time. If they are properly socialized, they are very protective and playful with children.

If you like adventure and spend a lot of time outside, you may consider adopting or purchasing a German Shepherd dog. Although they require training and attention, they will become a loyal, protective family member.


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