Everything You Should Know About Why Goldfish Is Not Good For Beginners 

Many people across the world keep fish as their pets. There is no doubt that fish can be the best and cute pet. Fish as a pet requires proper environment and good care. However, the cost of maintenance of fish is not very high. Fish are clean pets with calm and peaceful nature. Unlike dogs or cats, they do not create much nuisance. A small and sweet fish aquarium in your home will complement the overall interiors. 

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We know that there are different types of fish with different sizes, shapes, colours, etc. Therefore, as a beginner aquarist, you should know what kind of fish you should keep as a pet. Most people choose goldfish, as they are very attractive. However, various reasons justify that goldfish are not good enough for starters. Let us understand the reasons below. 

Reasons Why Gold Fish is Not Good for Beginners:

1. Their size grows big ultimately: 

Many people prefer to keep fish in a small fish pot or tank. Initially, goldfish is small. However, after some time, they can grow six to fifteen inches bigger. Due to this, they may not fit well and tend to die. 

2. You might store more water in the tank:

Goldfish do not enjoy being alone. They love to be with a bunch of other fishes too. Therefore, you will have to keep many of them. This means, you need to store nearly 150 litres of water in the tank. Hence, you should plan to keep goldfish in a big tank instead of a small pot. 

3. Produces more waste:

Goldfish produces lots of waste compared to other fish. This contaminates the clean water quickly, which raises the ammonia level. This may cause deadly diseases to fish as the waste may enter its body through its skin and gills. 

4. They need more oxygen:

Goldfish require more oxygen. Therefore, the water in the tank should pass accordingly for proper circulation of oxygen. They get oxygen from the surface of the tank and hence you should make sure that the water tank has enough surface area. 

5. They need special food:

Goldfish cannot digest just any fish food. Their digestive system is delicate, so you should always feed them the food specially designed for them. 

Keeping fish as a pet can be beneficial to you in various ways. As per the studies, a pet fish can help you improve your disturbed sleep pattern. Fish provides peace of mind, as they are noiseless. However, make sure you do proper research on which fish to choose and all other requirements before keeping them as a pet.

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