What to Consider When Looking for Cat Towers 


What is meant by cat tower? What will your cat do with a tower? These towers are also known as cat trees, cat gyms, cat stands or cat condos. A cat tower refers to a piece of furniture specially designed to encourage your cat to engage into the playful activities that are natural to their character. Your feline friend takes immense pleasure in hiding, climbing and scratching. You need to keep in mind some important points when shopping a cat tower


The first aspect to consider is if a particular tower will offer your cat the level of comfort it should have. Many cats prefer a nook for a comfortable retreat, such as behind a window curtain or under the wardrobe. Cat towers provide a wonderful and comfortable place with soft beds or dens hemmed with plush sides for your kitty to curl up or hide for a quick and comfy nap. Cats usually prefer an“all on its own” time and a tower offers a safe and comfortable sanctuary to make it happy. 


Cat stands or towers come with a diversity of features but from a pet owner’s viewpoint, the most important aspect of all of them is its having a scratching post. It’s nothing but an outlet for your kitty’s sharp claws. A clever way to avoid unwanted damages caused by your cat’s scratching is to encourage your pet to use the place for scratching that comes with the tower. Scratching posts are usually covered in carpet or rope and some of these even apply scents that are a natural draw for cats.


Having said functionality is important, you cannot ignore the ‘fun’ factor when buying a cat tower. Cats love playing. That is why, the ideal tower for it may come with built-in toys such as, play tubes, hanging mice or dangling ropes. The more options it integrates, the greater entertainment your cat will enjoy. Playful activities that cats are naturally drawn to are good exercises for them and keep them engaged when you are away.


Size matters a lot, especially if you have more than one feline in your house. For multiple cats, you need a big cat tower that can double up on the facilities and amenities. Does the tower allow for an extension to make room for more pets? Buy a tower that features two or three cabins; otherwise, the pets will start fighting with each other for a comfy retreat. 


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