What To Do When Your Dog Behaves Aggressively

Many dog owners believe that they can train their pets to behave properly in any social situation until their dog acts out aggressively towards another dog or a person. In reality, despite their level of experience, most dog owners do not know how to train or manage their dogs properly, especially when it comes to aggressive behaviour. This is when you need to consult a residential dog training expert who can train your dog to listen and respond to your commands and act appropriately around people and other dogs.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some useful tips that will help you manage your aggressive dog.

4 Tips On What To Do When Your Dog Behaves Aggressively

Talk To Your Vet- the first thing to do when your dog begins acting aggressively towards another dog or a person is to talk to your veterinarian. He, or she, can help you manage your dog’s aggressiveness, especially if it is caused by pain or discomfort.

Don’t Punish- don’t punish your dog for his bad or aggressive behaviour. Instead, praise him when he acts accordingly around other dogs. Punishing them can cause anxiety and fear, and could make their aggressive behaviour worse.

Have Your Dog Neutered- as dogs get older, they might become more aggressive. This is especially true if he has not been neutered. If you notice your dog becoming more aggressive as he matures, it could be time to have him neutered.

Train Your Dog- look for the best residential dog training Wigan has available and start your dog in a residential dog training course. Most dogs, especially those with aggression issues, can be trained to be less aggressive and easier to manage.

You are responsible for the behaviour of your dog and if your dog is acting aggressively towards others, you should never bring him to a park where he could attack other dogs or people. Instead, find residential dog training Wigan pet owners rely on when they need their dogs trained properly.

Contact Dog Harmony

To learn more tips on what to do when your dog behaves aggressively, contact Dog Harmony today and speak to an expert dog trainer who can help train your dog to be easier to manage and a lot more fun.

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