All the dog lovers want to make sure that their dogs have an amazing outdoor experience when they take them out for a walk. The dog lovers try to find a trail that will prevent their lovely dog from unwanted situations, however, they may not always be able successful in finding the desired trail or park. They may end up in places where instead of making their dog happy, they end up making the dog sad.

 To help all the dog lovers an app called DEX app was created. This miracle app will help you in finding trails and parks for dogs in a specific location. Not only can you find suitable locations but you can also interact with the people present at the park and exchange information. This way, you are aware of the happenings at the parks and the trails and you can prevent your dogs from facing uncertain and difficult situations.

This app was created by two parents who loved their dogs unconditionally. Considering their experience, when taking the dogs out for a walk, they came up with this app to also help the other dog lovers so that the dog lovers can provide a great experience to their dogs. DEX app makes the lives of the dogs easier and it also makes sure that the dog lovers also have a peace of mind.

When you are out with your dog in a place that you have no information about, you and your dog may be exposed to unwanted situations. The unwanted situations may include aggressive dogs, predators, and other events that may make your dog uncomfortable. If your dog is uncomfortable during a walk outdoors, then it may resist going for a walk in the future. So, it is essential to provide a nice and calm outdoor walk experience to your dog. The DEX app will reduce any potential hazards or unwanted situations.

Some features of the DEX app are as follow:

  1. a)       Location Search

Wherever you are, you can search for parks or trails for your dog in a specific location. The app will help you in finding the most suitable spot for your dog near you. Instead of roaming around in a strange place, you can find a trail or park that will be suitable for your dog.

  1. b)      User Data Sharing

When you find a specific trail or park, you can interact with the people who have been going to that trail or park. This way, you can have all the necessary information relating to that location. You will know what to expect and what not to expect. Also, based on the experience of the people who currently go to the park or trail or you went there previously, you can decide whether you will choose that specific location for your dog or not.

  1. c)       Trail Layout

The DEX app also guides you when you are walking your dog. By looking at the trail layout, you will not get lost because you will always know where you are and where you can head to.

  1. d)      Frequent Updates

The app also provides you with frequent updates, it helps you be aware of the locations near you and also provides you feedback. You can also give your feedback about a specific place.

  1. e)      Knowledge of the conditions beforehand

When you will be interacting with the people who are already at the trail or the park, you will know its condition before going there. You will know if there is a hazard and then you can find another trail to walk your dog.

The cool things about the DEX app is that it ensures the security of your dog by preventing hazards such as predators and aggressive dogs. By ensuring your safety and security, it also gives you peace of mind and confidence that you and your dog are safe. Also, you don’t have to go to the same park or trail every single day, to make things exciting, you can switch between two or three different trails or parks. Lastly, you get connected with the DEX app community of dog lovers. By interacting with them, you can get so much information relating to dogs and trails.

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