Everything You Need To Know About Puppy Training

Bringing home a new puppy is a very exciting time for any family. Training your new family member should start immediately and definitely at Dog Training Houston. Delaying training until your puppy is 6 months plus can have consequences, as they will have picked up habits and behaviors you may not desire in those first few months.

Find a great trainer

If this is your first puppy then investing in a great trainer will help you get off on the best start. A great dog Dog Training in Houston is Peace Love Dogs.

The best time to get your puppy socialized is when they have completed all of their shots. Puppies younger than 13 weeks are susceptible to deadly canine diseases like Parvo.

Lure training

treats or small pieces of food are the perfect way to train your puppy. Find what treat your puppy response to the best, things like training treat are available at your local pet store, or farm feed stores. But, even treats like cooks chicken pieces (removed from the bone, as cooked chicken bones are dangerous for dogs) make extra special training treats for puppies, as it’s not something they receive except when training.

How often should you train?

It’s not important how often or how long the training sessions are. What’s important is making the training session a positive one. Even a 5-minute training session can be rewarding for you and the puppy if you make it a positive, rewarding experience.

If you notice your puppy losing interest in training, then back up to something the puppy knows, and end the session there.


Socializing should begin from day one, just like command training. Getting your puppy used to things around the house. Expose them to vacuum cleaners, brooms, as well as different kinds of people will help make your puppy a well rounded happy dog.

Before your puppy has it’s shots don’t take the puppy out in public. If, and when you take your puppy to places like the vet’s office carry the puppy, do not place them on the ground they can be exposed to harmful diseases.

Once your puppy has it’s shots, start to allow it to interact with outside dogs. This includes dogs of different sizes and breeds. Check out local dog training facilities in Houston as they may offer local puppy get-togethers to help socialize your puppy in a safe environment.

Signs to watch

Your puppy may show signs of dominance or other aggressive behaviors. These are behaviors that should be corrected immediately before they become even bigger problems.

Things to looks for:

  • Approaching other dogs with ears back, very upright stance.
  • Growling or barking excessively, while some breeds are voice while they play, growling or barking as another dog approach is a sign of fear. This can turn into a fear bite response if left untreated.
  • Overly submissive behaviors – while your puppy should approach another dog in a low, tail tucked stance, often showing their belly. This is ok, letting the other dog know that they are not going to challenge them. However, if they start to lick their face, or their tail stays tucked and they don’t relax after the meeting, then your dog isn’t comfortable.

Youtube is another great place to find wonderful Dog Training in Houston. There are a number of wonderful trainers that can help to address basic, as well as advanced training techniques.

With a set plan, and routine you’ll soon have a well balanced, loyal companion for many years to come.

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