Six Awesome Things Your Dog Can Learn From Training

With almost half of Texas households owning a pet it’s likely that you own or are considering owning a dog. Whether your dog received formal obedience training or not you certainly can teach an old dog new tricks and these awesome tricks will have you wanting to search for “Puppy Training Houston” today.

  1. Peek-A-Boo

If you have a baby or young child you’ll definitely want to make sure your dog knows how to play peek-a-boo with them! When playing peek-a-boo your dog will be trained to raise his paw to his nose when you give the command. Your dog can be trained to play peek-a-boo by you giving a verbal command such as “peek-a-boo” or by tapping his nose, either way this trick is a delight for everyone.

  1. Clean Up

If you have a dog you certainly know that there are a lot of cute toys out there and your house may be overrun with dog toys. While it is common for us to teach our kids to pick up toys its not so common for us to teach our dogs to pick up their toys which makes this trick unique and fun. This trick is easily taught if your dog already knows the fetch command but a trainer can quickly teach your dog both tricks if need be. If you want your dog to be able to perform this trick make sure that you have a basket that is low enough for her to put her toys in and big enough to hold all of her toys.

  1. Handstand

This adorable trick is certain to amaze your guests although a more accurate name would be “pawstand”. This trick takes a little more time for your dog to learn as it is important that your pup builds up the correct muscles. If you try to push your dog to do a pawstand too soon he or she could be injured this is why it’s important to search for “Puppy Training Houston” to have a professional help your dog with this one.

  1. Play Soccer

Similar to fetching this trick involves your dog chasing and returning the soccer ball. However, you can even teach your dog to score goals which makes this for a friendly competition for kids and adults alike. The hardest part of this trick may be teaching your dog not to bite the ball but to instead nudge it with his nose. You’ll be pleased to know that most dogs are naturals at this and don’t require much encouragement at all to get the ball moving.

  1. Skateboarding

Due to the rise of social media this trick has become quite popular with pet owners not to mention how cute it is to see Fido roll by on a board? This particular trick is best taught to smaller dogs such as Bulldogs or Pugs because they have a lower center of gravity however it is not impossible to teach larger dogs. Your dog should be introduced to the skateboard gradually as it can be loud which might scare some pups. This is another trick that is best learned slowly and gradually so that your dog doesn’t get scared or injure himself.

  1. Piano Prodigy

Although teaching your dog to play the piano won’t turn him into Mozart it will make for some pretty awesome party entertainment. This trick is easily taught to dogs who are eager to do anything for a treat and the keyboard or piano should be size appropriate. Slow and steady training will have your dog tickling the ivories in no time!

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