The Essential Choices for the Proper Fences Now

Many materials allow you to make your fence, whether classic or not. Resistance, durability, maintenance and desired style are the criteria that must be taken into account to make a good choice. Here are the main choices available to you, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

PVC fence

Very easy to maintain, PVC is less expensive than other possible materials for your Best Friend Fence. It is also appreciated for its ease of installation and maintenance. Be careful however: it ages badly and deteriorates very quickly due to inclement weather. If you opt for PVC, know that you will have to replace your fence in about ten years.

A composite wood fence

Composite wood is made from mixed plastic and wood fibers. This material, which does not deteriorate over time and is resistant to climatic aggressions, provides strong and durable fences. Offering excellent value for money, a composite wood fence requires little maintenance.

An aluminum fence

Aluminum is attractive because of its many advantages: a very design style, availability in a wide range of colors, 100% recyclable, it does not require maintenance and does not rust. Disadvantage? The price of an aluminum fence is high, up to 3 times that of PVC.

A wooden fence

Your mantra is the natural? No doubt to have, go for the wood! Essences, shapes and colors: the wood comes in a wide range of choices. In logs, slats, opaque or semi-opaque, crisscrossed, claustra way. It will preserve all the charm of your garden.

The warm and authentic appearance of the wood makes it a much sought after material for garden fences. With wood, you get a solid fence, which is weatherproof, especially if it is solid wood.

Small flat: depending on the wood you choose, the budget may be consistent. Also keep in mind that its maintenance can be restrictive because some species need to be treated every year.

A concrete fence

If you are told “concrete”, do you imagine a cold, greyish material? Think again ! Concrete has a new look for your exterior and becomes a design element. We all know the sad concrete slab fence, but much less the very modern one which brings an unstoppable class to the exteriors, and even more when it is associated with other materials. With straight or curved finishes, imitation wood or stone. The concrete fence becomes a real decorative element for your garden.


  • Hard to make more robust and more durable than concrete to fence his house.

Thanks to a fence in concrete blocks or concrete, you are protected from everything: burglars, curious, diverse and varied bad weather.

Wrought iron fence

Long neglected for its traditional look, wrought iron is back! Right or wavy, classic or modern, it will bring an aesthetic and elegant touch to your exterior. Do you find that black darkens? Know that wrought iron can easily be painted.

By making this choice, you combine stylish style and durability. There is no longer tenacious material in time than wrought iron. A wrought iron fence can be laid alone, or sealed on a concrete wall. Advantage not to neglect also: it is a very strong and solid material. Note however that it requires specific maintenance against rust. Your fence should therefore be regularly stripped. 


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