Keeping Cats Away from Your Car

Having cats is good but also it has its own pros and cons. There are many times that you will find cat scratches in your car. It can be very irritating at a times seeing scratch on your car and especially when the car is new. It also becomes a pain to keep carrying rubbing compound always to protect your car from scratches. But the fact is that the scratches are sometimes so deep that even the rubbing compound fails. So there are few methods through which you can easily keep cats off cars. 

The first and the foremost thing that you can do are to keep moth balls. Moth balls have a very pungent smell. And cats have a very sure shot disliking for them. This can help in keeping cats off cars. Another very important stuff that will work 100% is cucumber. You will not believe most of the cats get scared of cucumber. If you place a long cucumber in front of them they will get scared and start jumping. So you can also place a cucumber in your car. This will also help in easing the problem with the cats.

The Next thing that you can do to keep the cats off cars is to use scents which are specially made for cats and works like a repellent. When you spray this near your car inside or out this will make them feel like nauseating and they will stay away from your car. You can also use pet alarm clocks which are available in the market. This also helps by and large in keeping cats or any kind of pet away from your car. The moment they will approach the car or even feather touch it, the alarm will start and the sound will scare them and they will not come close to the car. You can also use pepper, special matts, car covers etc. to protect it from cats. 

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