Is It Fine To Feed Your Dog Before Flying And More Such Faq’s

It seems like the simplest question-is it ok to feed your dog before their flight or not? While you wouldn’t want them to stay hungry, you do not want them to get ill, either, being a responsible dog parent. Sadly, this is one of the most asked questions on the internet whose results have a conflicting opinion that can make you take a wrong conclusion.

Before your dog gets on-board

It is always recommended that you feed your dog more than hours before they get arrive at the airport. This would render sufficient time to your dog for digestion, besides peeing and pooping before the dog transport. Pets shouldn’t be on their full stomachs, as it can make them sick and you wouldn’t want them to pee or poop inside the crate either.

Apart from this, hydration is key to keep your dogs healthy during transportation. So, always feed them with some water before their flight journey, but avoid giving them excessive water. 

When your dog gets on-board

Most airlines demand pets to travel with food, packed in a zip-lock bag attached to their crate top. All the pets must have at least 2 bottles of water attached to the insides of the crate door (with one bottle filled with water and the other bottle filled with ice. You must also equip them with a funnel followed by a tube so the staff handling them can get the water dish filled once the pet gets on-board. 

After your dog gets off the flight

It might sound tempting to release your dog, once they reach the destination. Nonetheless, he might either be thirsty or hungry. It would be a good idea to frequently feed him a little quantity of freshwater. Offering excessive water to your pets can encourage them to drink more than required and fall sick. The same runs are applicable for food as well. Feed the pet frequently in a small proportion.

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