The prettiest dog collars

For years dog collars have been made for function, not for fashion. They’ve kept fleas at bay, made it possible to leash your dog quickly, and held identity tags with important information, if scary things should happen. But the times are changing. It gets more and more important for a dog collar to be fashionable too. You see collars with patterns, prints and even diamonds. And yes, these trendy dog collars are still functionable. But they also look cute, and show off how adorable your dog really is.

Ergonomic dog collar

One of the most seen and loved collars on the market today, are the so-called ergonomic dog collars. From common black to brightly colored: these collars come in all sizes and shades. And they’re designed to hold the contact details from the owner. Besides their look, these collars are made from a soft polyester that is weather resistant. The breathable lining ensures that your dog is comfortable at all times, and does not get too warm. With the wide variety of colors and sizes, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

Velvet collars

One of the other highly popular versions of a dog collar, is the collar made with velvet. This fabric might feel soft and fluffy, but it’s also mighty durable and strong. Perfect for a dog collar, and certain to make your furry friend stand out from the others on the doggy playground. These collars are available in many different colors and sizes, and come with beautiful matching gold, rose-gold or silver hardware. Another big selling point for velvet collars is that they’re easily washable.

Custom design your own

This is one of the newer trends on the dog collar market. Making your own, personalized, dog collar. This way you can be as creative as you want to be. Add the dog’s name, pretty colors, or a beautiful picture of your dog and you. The possibilities are endless. But there are some things to pay a little attention to before purchasing. For one, check the material. And also don’t forget to check the color of the hardware. It would be a shame if your design matched great with gold, but the website delivers only in silver. Making your own dog collar isn’t just fun for yourself, it is also a great gift idea for birthdays. Whether that be a human’s or a dog’s birthday.

The unique and environment-friendly magnetic pet collars are perfect for your furry pets for all seasons. Featuring safe-release magnetic straps, these are stylish yet simple and ensure the safety of your pet. Pet lovers love using it for cats as well as dogs and have fun with the magnificent pet accessory.

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