Tanks Tips To Make Your Amphibian Or Reptile Feel At Home

If you are an amphibian owner, you should know that they could live a happy domestic life inside a perfect sized fish aquarium. Tanks are available in various shapes and sizes. Some are tall in height with small footprint. Whereas others are short in height with wide footprint. The appropriate size of aquarium and reptile food would give your pets the ideal environment that they need. Bearded dragon food is easily available at any of the reptile store.

Tank Sizes

The aquariums should be enough large to be accommodate your pet reptile even when it has fully grown in size.  There should be plenty of space for exercise as well. Following are some of the general guidelines for each species:

Lizards – The tank size of the lizards should be three times longer that the animal’s length with 1.5 time wider. The height should at least be 1.5 times taller that the length of the lizard.

Snakes – If you have snakes, you should consider a tank that is 3/4 of the anima’s length. The width should be around 1/3 of the length.

Turtles – The turtle habitat require a tank that is around 5 times longer than the pet’s upper shell and length. It should be three times wide and two times deep.

Other factors that influence the effectiveness of the tank

There are several other factors that you should consider about the tank. The factors are mentioned below:

Heating – As amphibians and reptiles are cold blooded, they need an external source of heat. Bearded dragon habitat, tegu habitat and other reptiles need UVB and UVA light exposure. Hence, proper lights should be placed inside the tank.

Humidity – Amphibians, reptiles and tortoise habitat are more sensitive to humidity levels than the mammals. When your pet sheds, the increases humidity can help in the process. Make sure to mist your pet with a spray bottle every day.

Be careful about what you put in the tank – You should avoid putting wood shavings, corncob or cat litter inside the pet tank. Use the appropriate tegu food, chameleon food and turtle food.

Now that you know about the tanks, you should be able to purchase the right kind of tank for your amphibians and reptiles. The reptile supplies and chameleon supplies can be easily bought from the reptile stores.

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