Great Gift Ideas for Cat Parents

Cats are oftentimes well-loved family members and get gifts during the holidays just like any other family member. When shopping for gifts you will want to consider the needs of both the cat and the cat’s owner.

You can always go with a blanket that shows you care about the cat’s comfort, and if you get it personalized that will feel unique to the owner.

Don’t be scared of giving a practical gift to a pet owner. It’s expensive owning and caring for animals, and sometimes a gift card or some pet food can be just as thoughtful as a personalized gift.

Blankets for comfort

One of the most perfect gifts for pet parents is a good blanket. Both pets and humans can enjoy a warm, soft blanket for comfort. A cat will love any blanket that you provide, but if you get it monogrammed or personalized in some way, the cat’s owner will appreciate your gift for its thoughtfulness.

Toys for Entertainment

Cats do like to play, and while sometimes owners can get away with just giving them some string to play with, a new toy is always appreciated by both the cat and the owner of the cat. Consider a little mouse toy with a long tail for the cat to chase around, or maybe something new to dangle from a scratching post.

If the cat does not have a scratching post, consider that as a gift option as well. Cats need to have someplace to scratch their claws, and if they do not have a post, they might scratch and claw their owner’s furniture, making this another great gift idea for both cat and cat owner.


Don’t Forget about Practical Needs

Maybe you grew up thinking that gift cards meant the gift giver was lazy or didn’t know the person well that they were giving them too. When you are getting a gift for pets, there is nothing wrong with a gift card to a pet store. Let’s face it, owners know their pets best. They know what type of foods, toys, and treats they like.

If you give a toy or food it’s possible you would give something that the cat doesn’t like, which would be a waste. With a gift card or more practical gift, the owner could use it to make sure the cat gets a treat he really enjoys.

You could also consider a practical gift like cat furniture or lounge beds. If you know how the cat likes to relax at home, you could get something that suits his lounge needs.

Something Unique

If you are looking for a unique gift you have plenty of options. Consider something like a dish towel, mug, or something made to look like a cat and serve as a decoration like a candle or wine holder. If the cat’s owner likes to decorate with cat themes in her home, there are many unique gifts you can give.

Whether you are going unique or practical, any gift you choose for a cat owner that is thoughtful is sure to be appreciated.

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