How Much Does Cat Grooming Cost on Average?

For many cats, it’s their worst nightmare—a day at the groomers.

While your cat may not enjoy water, as an owner, you know that regular grooming is important to look after your cat’s coat, nails, and health. If you cat is suffering from any irritating skin problem, it is recommended to treat her properly before taking her to the grooming session. For example, cat tick treatment is a common method adopted by people to make sure their pet is free from any irritating condition.

But if you’re new to cat ownership, you may be unsure about the cat grooming cost you’ll need to pay. How much does a cat groomer cost, and what services are included in the price?

Keep reading to learn more about the average cost of cat grooming.

What Factors Determine Cat Grooming Prices?

The cost of cat grooming varies, depending on a number of factors. Pricing can also vary slightly from groomer to groomer, based on their location and expertise.

When your feline friend needs a makeover, these factors will determine how much you’ll pay.

Length of Hair

How long is your cat’s fur? Cats with long hair are always going to cost slightly more to groom than those with a short coat.

Long hair takes longer to wash, style, and dry, and can often tangle easily, so it requires more care than a short-haired cat.

Nail Trimming

One of our key cat grooming tips is to always trim your pet’s nails regularly. This will protect your furniture and household if your cat is prone to scratching, although they should also have access to a scratching post.

You can trim nails at home, but it can be difficult—you may prefer to leave this to the groomer. If you do add on nail trimming, it may slightly increase your overall cost.


Bathing is something that will be included in every grooming trip. Many cats don’t like water, so owners find it easier to leave this to the pros.

Bathing should be included in your cost, but if you opt for higher-end soaps or cleaning products, this may be more expensive.

Anal Gland Cleaning

One of the cat grooming services that you may not have considered is anal gland cleaning. It’s needed for some cats if they aren’t being expressed naturally, causing blockages.

Your vet or your groomer can do this, but it’s a specialized service, so expect to pay more if you’re having this done.

What Is the Average Cat Grooming Cost?

Based on the above factors, what cat grooming prices can you expect to pay? We estimate $30-70, but the actual amount will vary.

If you’re new to cat ownership, it helps to shop around and find the best groomer for your cat.

Look for Reputable Cat Groomers in Your Area

Now that you know more about the average cat grooming cost, you can include this amount in your overall pet ownership budget. Grooming is an essential service for your cat, helping him stay clean and healthy, so it’s something every owner should have done regularly.

Start researching cat groomers in your area and you’re sure to find a talented and caring person to look after your lovely companion.

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