How to choose a French bulldog puppy for sale

The first thing to do is choose a good French bulldog breeder. It is very important that you always have contact with a veterinarian you trust for any unforeseen event that may arise. Look for references, investigate the kennel, and meet other customers who have already bought French Bulldogs from the same breeder.

How to recognize

When visiting the kennel, check how the Isabella French bulldog puppies are raised, the size of the space, and the parents. While potential health issues may not be visible, note the following characteristics –

Eyes: The eyes are not just the window to the soul. They can also give you a clue about your dog’s health. Eye secretions, with some whitish film or the act of squinting are signs of health problems.

Breathing: Although it is a little difficult, you can try to hear the puppy’s breathing by placing it close to your ear. If you notice any kind of sound like a wheezing or small bubbles popping, it means that the puppy has a breathing problem.

Movement: Make sure he is not limping, staggering, or staggering. The puppy should also be able to breathe with its mouth closed when at rest.

Interaction and Activity: See how puppies interact with each other and how they approach you. The more daring ones, who respond promptly, can become difficult dogs to train. On the other hand, shy puppies tend to have fear issues and need intense socialization.

French bulldog puppy care

Clean your French bulldog’s face (and other body folds) daily. It is necessary for the puppy to be used to handling from an early age, as you will need to do this throughout his life. Do this gently by passing a lightly dampened gauze, cloth or towel between the folds. This prevents the buildup of dirt and bacteria that can cause infections or make your puppy sick. At the end, you can use a cotton swab to spread Vaseline inside the wrinkles to keep the inner skin protected. Brush your French bulldog puppy 1-2 times a week to remove dead hair. When bathing, use shampoos with an appropriate pH for puppies and dry the coat with a hairdryer.

Avoid at all costs getting your puppy wet. Because of their short snouts, French bulldog puppies are prone to breathing problems and overheating. Therefore, hot conditions greatly affect French Bulldogs and can become dehydrated. In case you feel that the room is too hot, you have to move him to a cool room and provide him with plenty of water. In extreme conditions, you can put cold compresses on your tummy until it cools down. On very hot days, it is good to avoid walking at times when the sun is strongest, as your French bulldog puppy may feel sick.

Important: health and energy 

To keep your Frenchie puppy happy and healthy, it is also important that you give them a balanced diet that suits their needs. Whether it is commercial food or natural food, make sure you are offering the best alternative for your puppy. Like all puppies, French Bulldogs need to be vaccinated. Vaccination starts at 45 days with the multipurpose vaccine.

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