Preparing for Your New Dog

Adopting a dog can be an exciting and overwhelming process. Be sure to prepare for everything your dog needs before bringing them home.

Grooming Supplies

Some dogs require frequent baths and haircuts while others do not. It depends on the breed and fur type. If you decide to bathe your dog at home, be sure you have a good brush for your dog and pet-friendly shampoo and conditioner. Get a nonslip mat for the tub and attach an extendable hose to your shower head that allows you to easily spray around your dog. If you are unable to bathe your dog at home, you can look into professional dog grooming Penn Yan NY. Professional dog groomers will also be able to provide special services like nail trimming, teeth brushing, or flea treatments.

Pet Supplies and Accessories

Try to find out what your dog has been eating before you adopt them, otherwise purchase food that fits their age. If your dog is a large breed, you may want to get elevated food and water bowls to make it easier for them to reach. Personalize a collar with an ID tag and be sure the size is adjustable. You may need to purchase two different sizes if your dog is going to grow a lot. Leashes can also be personalized or come with matching collars. Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of toys, treats, and a few pet beds to put around your house.


Be prepared for the responsibility that comes along with owning a dog. It will be up to you to provide regular exercise and outdoor time for your dog. Schedule regular walks and find a local dog park you can visit for additional playtime and socialization. Be sure to make regular visits to the vet for annual wellness checks or any other significant issues. Your vet will be able to administer any necessary medication like flea or heartworm preventatives.

Review these important tips before bringing home your new dog to better prepare for their arrival.

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