The Dangers Of Retractable Leashes

Many first-time dog owners start out with a retractable leash. They can seem like an incredibly useful tool at first, allowing you to extend the length of your dog’s range and lock it in place when you want them to stop. These tools, unfortunately, can present a lot of drawbacks and even dangers to you, your dog, and others around you.


A retractable leash may seem durable, but it can break fairly easily, especially after being worn down over a period of time. If it gets lodged in a tight space, it may break, causing your dog to break free of the leash and escape. This has the potential for your dog to run into another aggressive dog, an unsuspecting person, or oncoming traffic.

Friction Burns

If you are picking your dog up at the pet daycare Jacksonville FL and your dog takes off towards a new friend while the leash is in contact with your or another person’s skin, this can cause a pretty serious burn or even cut through the skin in some cases. Additionally, these leashes can be hard to operate at a moment’s notice, making it difficult to lock in a situation where your dog makes an unpredictable move.

Leash Manners

A retractable leash can make it very difficult for your dog to learn proper leash etiquette. Most dogs learn to stop pulling once a leash becomes tense at their collar or harness. With a retractable leash, however, because the length of the leash keeps changing, your dog will become confused about how much of a range they have at any given time. This makes it difficult for them to learn how to properly walk on a leash.

It can be difficult for a dog owner to know what tools are safe for your pet. As far as leashes go, you and your dog are far better of with the standard, non-retractable type.

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