Important Things to Know about Bengal Kittens

In today’s world, there is a lot of websites providing educative information related to the best breeders for the Bengal Cat breed, but you may check out Bengal Cattery Jungle Kitten as they are not only the best, but a very reputable breeder as well. The below-mentioned information would provide you some necessary details that would surely help you to gain knowledge related to the breed’s personality, behavior, reproduction as well as breeding. If you are planning to acquire a kitten soon, this would be very beneficial for you.

What are the unique attributes of the Bengal Kittens?

Although, this breed possesses a lot of unique attributes, but, a few of them are as follows:

  • Well trainable
  • Intelligent
  • Water-loving
  • Possesses exotic appearance
  • Verbal & communicative
  • Entertaining & athletic
  • Social
  • Kid-friendly
  • Loyal
  • Dog friendly (if bonded with a cat-friendly dog at an early stage)

What is the origin of the Bengal Cat breed?

The Bengal cat has originated from the crossbreeding or mixing the domestic cats with the wild Asian leopard cat. The main aim of the breeding was obtaining a cat along with the disposition of a domesticated cat but the wild markings of the Asian leopard cat should be present. Thus, it is a crossbreed of both wild as well as domestic species. These hybrids were initially termed as F1 or foundation that refers to the first generation, followed by F2 and F3. This particular breed not only looks very beautiful, but at the same time, it’s also quirky and intelligent which surely proves that buy Bengal cat and it can be kept in the household as a pet. Bengal Cat has become a popular as well as a recognized breed and can not only be shown at the shows, but also sold legally.

Vital information & Traits of Bengal Cat Breed-

  • Lifespan- 10-16 Years
  • Body type- Muscular, long and varies from middle to large
  • Size- 3.6-6.8 kilograms or 8-15 pounds
  • Ancestry- Domestic tabby and Asian leopard cat
  • Hypo allergic- Mildly hypoallergic
  • Coat type- Dense, silky and soft
  • Coat pattern- Spotted or bull’s eye, rosette or marble
  • Grooming and shredding- Low requirements of grooming, low shredding
  • Sociability- High, dog friendly as well as kid-friendly
  • Activity level- High, active as well as athletic

Why are the Bengal Cats so popular?

One of the most unique features of the Bengal cats are is elegant coat. Though the majority of the people consider the spots whenever they think of Bengal cats, but the marble as well as the rosette coat types are also equally attractive. A detailed breakdown of the specific coat patterns are as follows:

  • Arrowhead Rosette- It contains triangular spots that are pointed distally and fades towards the tail.
  • Doughnut Rosette- This type contains outlined spots along with a darker interior.
  • Pawprint Rosette- It contains dappled or c-shaped spots with the presence of dark outlines.
  • Marble- It has the presence of some random patterning and swirls that changes within the first few years itself.

Thus, it is highly recommendable to have a Bengal Cat at your home and they are very loyal and friendly especially with the kids.

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