Know How Dangerous Chocolates Can Be For Your Dogs

Having a paw-friend is a blessing and it is for sure that we love our dog so we often try to provide them with the best. Many people also try to share their food with the dog which turns out to be bad. While we should share our love for the dog but sharing food would never be a good idea. There are certain kinds of food that can potential to kill your fur buddy and chocolate has to be one of them for sure. Can chocolate kill a dog? This question always worries owners as sometimes dogs do get some chocolate portion in their food as treats. Chocolate is something that humans enjoy and it also triggers the taste buds of dogs but everything that is delicious might not be healthy for the furballs. Here we would find out how much chocolate will kill a dog so that we can always maintain the portion rather you should not give them even a bit of chocolate in any case:

How to Treat Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs

Can chocolate even kill a dog?

The most asked question here is that can chocolate kill a dog or not. Chocolates are great for human but animals cannot enjoy the goodness of chocolate so if you would find your dog eating chocolate then that is something you need to be worried about. Chocolate would not potentially kill your dog but a certain amount of chocolate would take over the life of your fur buddy. Dogs often suffer from chocolate poisoning which is a real issue and if you would not be able to spot the issue then things would go wrong for sure. There are certain symptoms of chocolate poisoning that you should always check in your dog:

  • Continuous vomiting has to be one of the most common symptoms of chocolate poisoning.
  • Your dog would experience fatigue in this case.
  • Restlessness has to be another common symptom of chocolate poisoning in dogs.
  • Your dog would also have to suffer from diarrhea in this case.

How much chocolate can kill a dog?

Chocolate is one such thing that you should keep way apart from your dog. A small quantity would not harm your dog but if the portion would be too much then things would go wrong. If you are wondering how much chocolate can kill a dog then it depends upon the bodyweight of the dog. White chocolate is less harmful to the dog as the amount of cocoa is least in this case. Here your dog should not have 200 ounces per pound of its body weight. In the case of milk chocolate, you should not exceed 20 ounces per pound of your dog’s body weight. Dark chocolate is the most dangerous thing so it would be great if you would keep that away from your dog.

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