What You Should Know About Dog Agility Training

Dogs can compete in agility competitions, which combine jumps, walkways and tunnels into obstacle courses. These dogs and their handlers work as team members. The handlers lead the dogs as they navigate the course. However, agility competitors require extensive dog agility training services California.

Sport Growth

Agility competitions and training are rapidly growing in the United States. The sport is fun and exciting for the owners and their pets.

Training Process

Agility skills should be taught slowly and early in the dog’s life. You should teach your dog one skill at a time and give them ample opportunities to practice every new skill they learn without adding new skills. Of course, your dog will react positively to praise and encouragement, so be sure to celebrate every skill they learn.


Agility competitions have many distractions, from crowd noise to other animals. Also, spend time teaching your dog to focus on you. You can do this by encouraging eye contact or following other prompts. This skill is vital because they have to focus and follow you during the course.

Other Tricks

Every trick you teach your dogs will increase their agility and focus and reduces their fear. They become more aware of their bodies, more adept and confident in their tricks and increase their flexibility. You also learn handling techniques when you teach new tricks.


Your dog benefits, including socialization and exercise, from agility training. As you work with your pet, your mutual trust and reliance on each other grows stronger, building a deep bond. You also experience greater communication.

Training Decision

Make sure your dog is suitable for agility training prior to pursuing it. For example, confident, happy and energetic dogs will learn tricks quickly. However, dogs with problem behaviors may benefit from the discipline required to participate in these competitions. Agility training is time-consuming, so make sure you have enough time available.

If you are interested in participating in agility competitions, consider investing in agility training.

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