Knowing the common health problems of a Frenchie will help you a lot

Adopting an animal is a long-term commitment that needs a lot of interest from the tutor. Visits to the veterinarian, baths, grooming, daily walks, attention, and affection are some of the activities that a Frenchie dog owner must do together with his puppy, considering that human daddies are responsible for health, fun, aesthetics, and everything related with a peaceful and healthy life of these furry ones.

Care for French bulldog dogs should be no different

Dogs of this breed are small, and fit perfectly in the lap. Due to their size, they adapt easily in small environments, such as apartments. These small, and strong puppies deserve all the necessary attention. As well as any other pet, be it of breed, or not. However, what differs is that these animals have a tendency to develop certain diseases that are associated with their physical structure such as hair, and folds in the body. Find out what are the most serious, and common health issues in French bulldogs here, including diseases that affect the health of these furry dogs, and what precautions should be taken into account for their well-being.

Black French Bulldog wearing Pink and Blue Stripes Dog Health Harness

French bulldog health: Common diseases of this breed

The skin of these animals is one of the most worrisome parts for the guardian, and the veterinarians, because it is prone to develop certain diseases with facial fold dermatitis, integral dermatitis, atopic, and food allergy. All of these problems cause itching, redness, and sometimes serious injury to the dogs’ bodies. In addition, the French bulldog is one of the champions when it comes to eye problems. Eyelid problem and cataracts affect the lens, and can cause blindness. Irritation of the eye through abnormal lash growth, and cherry eye, a disease characterized by constant eye tearing caused by irritation.

Other common diseases for this breed are the hip dysplasia, which hurts the hip, or joints in general causing a lot of pain, and discomfort to the animal. And, dystocia that is nothing more than the difficulty in childbirth, caused by the small passage in the channel where the fetus comes out compared to the size of its head. French bulldog puppy gets confused and fights with his own reflection. If your pet’s skin is showing signs of atopic dermatitis, which is a disease with great genetic predisposition in the breed, or if it turns out that your Bulldog no longer has the energy, then it is because something is not right. Though by cleaning his dresses like French Bulldog pajamas regularly you can keep his skin in good condition.

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