Too Many Turtles! This Game Actually Saves Turtles


Ogden, UT: From the guys who played Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens,

Trei Amici Games, LLC is launching their flagship game, Too Many Turtles. Too Many Turtles is an exciting new card game that offers an innovative way for gamers and conservationists alike to save turtles both in game, and more importantly, in real life.

“Too long have we seen the state of the world and the deplorable effects we, as a species, have had on our planet and done nothing.” says Chris DeGregorio, Head of Product Development and Design at Trei Amici Games. ”So when the opportunity arose for us to take action, we seized it by the horns and we plan on riding it all the way to a better world.”

Also Chris, “I like this planet, it has peanut butter.”

Our Non-Profit Partner: We are partnered with the Non-Profit organization, SEE Turtles. Thanks to their hard work, as well as the support of our backers, our game has a real-world impact on turtles and turtle conservation.

“SEE Turtles is thrilled to be partnering with Too Many Turtles to help save endangered sea turtles around the world. Our organizational focus is helping community organizations protect important nesting beaches, and helping protect hatchlings from poachers and predators. The actual real world impact of every dollar donated to SEE Turtles, translates to saving at least 10 baby sea turtles.” – Brad Nahill, President and Co-Founder of SEE Turtles


Features and benefits of Too Many Turtles include:

  • Real life impact on turtle populations
  • Fun and easy to grasp game mechanics
  • Incredible artwork from even more incredible artists

Too Many Turtles will be available this Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th), starting at $25. For more information on Too Many Turtles, visit

About Trei Amici Games: We’re just three guys bold enough to believe that we can make a positive difference in this crazy world. Backed by some of the most talented, amazing artists and creators with hearts of gold, we’ve been able to bring our vision to life. Now it’s up to you to help us spread the word about our mission to save the turtles.

We believe a game can change the world, and we are going to prove it.

Brendan Woodhall

Trei Amici Games, LLC

418 N. 630 E.,

Ogden, UT 84404

(801) 391-2463

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