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Family is close to all of us and sometimes what family cannot do pet does. Everyone gets attached to dogs quickly. They are most commonly pet animals but need special care to be healthy. They need a particular diet and keeping a dog is hard work. Dogs need a lot of exercise ad need to be taken out for a walk at least twice a day. 

Needs of a Dog:

The basic needs of dogs include a collar, a bed, food, water dishes, dog food, toys to play with and brushes for grooming. Only a few can afford to keep a dog as dog food is quite expensive. If a proper diet is not given to them, they probably start losing hair and may even die due to malnourishment. 

Know more about DogStruggles:

There are dog lovers everywhere but only a few of them know the latest pet food, veterinary news and other subjects as per the dog. There are websites and data available online as per the breed of dog you own. It’s not always possible to google it and find the answers to your questions (related to your fluffy friend). So, there is a webpage known as DogStruggles to help you out with every situation.240-F-239130752-IEFOv-Fm-Nmfy-Og3-Nrv33-PY1-IXa-Izfx7-Q6

Where to know more about the needs of your dog?

Whether it is the latest reviews, vet-written information on medicine, products and more they know each dog. You can check information about your dog as per different breeds. They have answers for all breeds. The newborn puppies need to be taken care of even more seriously. The strict check needs to maintained upon their diet and nutrition. 

Home for your dog?

Another important aspect is where will the dog live. What should be the size of the dog home? Everyone needs a home in their home. Something like a permanent place. Crates can be of different sizes. Most importantly the dog should be able to sleep in their comfortably, stand-up without bending his/her legs and be able to turn around easily. 

Take care of their Diet:

As the dog grows, bigger creates needs to be purchased. For cost-conscious buy a suitable and bigger crate with a movable divider. Collapsible crates are better as they occupy lesser space. And can be used as and when needed. Don’t make the crate a cage for the dog. It should be his/her home. 


Dogs cannot eat a lot of things we eat. Feeding them proper nutritious food is your responsibility. Packed food specially made for dogs can be fed after proper advice from DogStruggles. They know the major supplements needed for your dog.

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