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It is one of the new age spiritual practices. Masters pronounced Reiki as Ray-Kee. It means universal energy. It is a vital life force that you can absorb from the sky. Moreover, it can flow through everything around you. It can flow through humans, animals, and plants as well. Moreover, you can balance your chakras with the help of Reiki. It cleanses the body and allow sit to heal. Nowadays, many dog healers are applying Reiki for dogs anxiety as well.

Gillian Edwards – Four Paws Holistic Therapy

Word-renowned Reiki Master has the ability to assist animals. Gillian has the ability to open the blocks in the chakras of dogs. She practices Karuna Reiki and is a Master as well. Moreover, she can provide deep relaxation. She has explained over and over again that it is not an alternative for allopathic medicine. However, it comes handy, nevertheless. As a dog owner, one should be able to connect with the dog at a soul level. You can only achieve this through continuous monitoring. Reiki for dogs anxiety is a relatively new addition.

Benefits Of Reiki

Reiki has numerous benefits. It heals the mind, soul, and body. Those who practice Reiki are known to take care of their illnesses on a soul level. Moreover, you can reduce the stress, and also relaxes the nerves. You can alleviate the symptoms of chronic stress and arthritis. Furthermore, it can heal emotionally. Moreover, you can give Reiki to your dog and alleviate its anxiety and other symptoms. Reiki has an effect on all the organs of the body. The effect starts channeling itself from the crown downwards. It moves through the crown chakra, third eye, neck, heart, sacral chakra, solar plexus, and down to the root chakra.

Moreover, you can now provide relief to your pets like dogs. Gillian will assist you in providing Reiki for dogs anxiety.

Therefore, you can apply this to dogs today. You will observe that, this is a great way to relax your body and mind. Also allow your dogs to get the benefits. The benefits for your dog are immense. It boosts the immune system, and also heals the body after a surgery. It also enhances the overall well-being of the body. Moreover, it also strengthens the bond between you and the dog. Using Reiki in everyday life can add a whole lot of benefits to the life of an individual today. Everyone should try it. Check out the topmost Pet Care Stores for your pet needs online.

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