When And How Should You Give Your Pooch Some Treats

A dog has a powerful sense of smell. That is why treats will work great when used in dog training. Facts reveal that a dog can smell a treat even from more than 20 yards away. They also have an idea of what the main ingredients are. But you have to remember that not all dog treats are created equal. So if you are looking for a dog subscription box with treats, how to give it to your pooch, and when to give them, then you have come to the right place.

Using Dog Treats Effectively

According to dog training experts, you should use treats to make dogs more calm and submissive. It would be best if you let the dog smell the treat first. But make sure that you hold it up and away from the pooch. They don’t need to be near the treat to know that it’s there because they can smell from over 25 feet. The dog may jump around once they smell the treat but make sure they know that you disapprove of this behaviour through your attitude and body language. Then, slowly move to one side and let them wait further.

When training a dog, patience is essential. By this time, the dog will start to figure out what she needs to do for her to get the treat. Once she lowers her butt to the floor and waits for you, the dog starts to be calm. And this is the time that you give the treat. Never give one to reinforce an excitement state. Use the treat to command a calm and submissive one.

The Best Time To Give Treats

A lot of pet owners are confused when to give their dogs some treats. But first, you have to choose a treat that you know your dog will enjoy. There is a dog subscription box that you can get for your pooch with the most delectable treats. If you are using treats to train a dog, this will work best after your dog has his full meal. Do not give treats before or after meals, but instead, it should be in between meals.

Here’s How To Give Treats

When giving treats, you cannot do it just like you are doing with their food. A proper technique can help. So hold it in your hand, only between your first two fingers and your thumb. Then, let the dog sniff it to let them know that it’s just there. Then the dog will start to get interested. This time, slowly lift the treat above the dogs’ nose and move it gradually over the head then back towards the shoulders.

What you are aiming for is for the dog to lift her head and move her shoulders back, then have her behind lower to the floor. Then you have to raise the treat slowly so that the dog will follow your hand. Once she follows, instruct her to sit down. Then give the treat calmly and easily. Always use a natural voice when giving instructions. And when the dog jumps and gets excited, repeat the process.

Training a dog is not that easy. That is why you must know how to use dog treats efficiently. But also, you have to make sure that you are giving them the best. Dog subscription boxes are now available with different types of treats that you can train your dog with and spoil them at the same time.

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