A tail-wagging lovely creature excitedly welcomes you home after your long day at work. Our pets have the power to love us and calm us down no matter how uptight we are.

Snuggling and being around them can be a great stress buster after all. Nearly 50% of people in the UK own and love to be around their canine love all the time. But there are things we should consider before sharing our bed with the canine friend.

Are you susceptible to illness by sharing the bed with your pet?

It solely depends on how healthy you and your pet are.

You may fall sick if these conditions are satisfied

  1. Your immune system is compensated by other ailments like asthma, HIV, etc
  2. You are an organ transplanted person
  3. Your pet skipped any stage of vaccination or the vet’s visit and not healthy by any chance.

Moreover, the tiny hair from our pets can travel down our lungs, settle there and cause inflammation of the lungs. This will lead to a chronic lung condition known as Groomers lung.

Light sleepers –  Avoid human-dog co-sleeping


A team of Pulmonologists, statisticians, and psychologists from the Mayo clinic practiced nighttime surveillance on 40 healthy dog-owning individuals for five months. The sleeping with the canine friend led to disturbed sleep while sleeping with the human companion led to calm undisturbed sleep. People with their pets in the same room but not in their beds showed a better sleeping efficiency when compared to the pet owners with their pets in their beds. Sleeping with their pets had to choppy snooze their sleep which made up only  4 hours of sleep and left them grumpy and tired all day.

Especially cats being the nocturnals, its hard for them to sleep but expect you to pet and play with them while you are falling asleep. So it’s better to own cat baskets if you want a calm sleep.

Dogs and cats love to sleep with their humans considering the comfort of their humans and the coziness of the bed. No one can avoid them and everyone wishes for an alternate option. Yes, there is an option available.  You can get them a dog couch or dog bed from and have them in your bedroom. You will have no need to compensate for the kind of coziness the bed offers and also the comfort your presence offers.

 Happy sleeping with your pet but not in your bed.

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