Excellent treat ideas for your puppy

There are several reasons for which people propose treats to their dogs. The reasons range from training rewards to give them something for remaining occupied for a little time. Regardless of your reason, your dog will surely be happy when it will have something tasty that it will be able to munch on. Nonetheless, the dog owners should be aware of the quantity of treats that they can offer to their dogs. Again, it is also important to realize that these treats are not actually important. The following are some great dog tips and ideas ideas that your pup will surely love:

  • Apples – An apple is a hugely helpful fruit as it is stuffed with fiber, calcium, and Vitamin C. However, before providing apple to your dog, you must be careful to confine its intake. You must cut the apple before removing the seeds plus core. Treating dogs with vegetables and fruits is hugely advantageous as they possess fewer calories. Giving fresh vegetables and fruits contain lesser calories compared to commercial and cookie-type treats.
  • Peanut butter popsicles – If during the warm months, your pup tends to become overheated, then you can make your pup cool by providing it peanut butter popsicles. According to the Humane Society, you must mix one full cup of peanut butter; it can be unsweetened or unsalted with water and half a mashed banana. After this, you must freeze the mixture on a wax paper and propose to your dog when it freezes.
  • Carrots – Because of their natural sweetness, dogs tend to like fruits. But, the thing is not the same with vegetables. Carrots can turn out to be a superb choice because they contain fiber and vitamin A. The majority of the dogs eat carrots, regardless of being them cooked or raw. However, you must ensure that the raw carrots have been cut so that they do not turn into a choking hazard for your dog.
  • Blueberries – Blueberries are ideal treat sizes for nearly every kind of dog and they propose vitamin C and healthy antioxidants.
  • Sweet potato jerky – When you are looking forward to having a treat that is similar to what you get in stores, then you will surely get your dog the sweet potato jerky. You should scrub the potatoes clean before cutting them into 2/3 to ½ inch strips. The next step would be baking them in an oven which is set to 225 F for close to 3-4 hours.


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