A great amusement to watch bear with Yellowstone Bear world

If you want to take a close view of bear and if you want to bottle feed the bear cubs, so there could not be anything better than choosing the Yellowstone Bear world safari. It is an awesome path where you can drive through and enjoy the wildlife excursion and watch the bear in their natural habitat.

Key features of Bear safari world:

–        Drive-Thru:

The Yellowstone Bear World offers you the drive-through excursion of wildlife reserve. The key attraction of this park is an ability of the visitors to watch black bears, grizzly bears and different wildlife in their natural native habitat from comfort and safety of the cars.

–        Bottle feed Cub bear

What’s more, you can Bottle Feed the Bear Cubs and this could be done times during every single day. This park provides an opportunity to kids and to adults to bottle feed the bear cubs. No doubt that this experience is a part of an awesome feeling which is ‘behind the scenes’.

–        Wildlife Excursion

It is a main point of attraction where the animal keeper takes the kids and adults on a big size truck to feed the bear cubs and to explain them some of the interesting facts about American Bison, Rocky Mountain Elk, Grizzly Bears and Black Bears. Many guests prefer the attraction to get some of the photos of wildlife.

–        Petting Zoo

The Visitors of the zoo are much encouraged to leave the cars and to visit petting zoo where you can see some birds and animals roaming free. At times you may even bottle-fed the deer fawns if available.

–        Amusement Rides

This place offers a small amusement park where the rides are well designed for kids of different age, but these rides can be also enjoyed by the adults. The key amusement rides are Baja Buggy, Circus Train, Log Roller Coaster, Bair Affair and Huckleberry Bounce.

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