Tips On How To Groom Your Golden Retriever

Having pets can be both fun and filled with responsibility. It is very important to keep them clean and maintain their fur, especially if you have a golden retriever. A golden retriever has a thick shiny golden fur that needs regular grooming. Lack of grooming can reduce the shine of the fur and they can start shedding too. The breed is friendly and caring and hence getting them prepared for grooming is very simple and easy. You can use a golden retriever grooming kit to clean up your dog. Here are some tips on how to keep your golden retriever’s coat shiny and beautiful. 

Prepare your Dog’s Coat for Grooming

Before you start grooming your dog, you need to prepare your dog’s coat and here is how you do it.

Brush its coat properly: 

Make sure that you are brushing your golden retriever’s coat properly so that it is smooth and untangled. Ensure that you are brushing your dog at least once a week. This will help in reducing your dog’s hair fall. 

Remove the matted area: 

If you are brushing the coat, make sure that you are removing the matted area with a brush. If it seems too tangled, then cut it out with a scissor but do it carefully.

Shampoo your dog: 

You can shampoo your dog before or after grooming. It depends on how smelly and dirty your dog is. Once you have shampooed your dog, you can blow-dry your dog but keep the heat low. 

Brush your dog again: 

Once you have bathed your dog, its coat can get tangled again. So, ensure that you are brushing it again after its bath. 

Trim your dog’s coat: 

Trimming the coat of a dog is as important as getting your hair trimmed. Use scissors to trim the coat and start clipping under the ears, paws, legs, chest, and neck. If you want, you can also trim the tail of your dog. 

The finishing touches: 

When you are done with everything, make sure you are cleaning your dog with a wipe. You can use mineral oil to clean the ears and eyes of the dog with a cotton ball. You should clip its toenails to avoid any damage to it or you getting scratched by it. Also, put a flea preventive drop to ensure that your dog is not infected with fleas. 

Where to Buy a Golden Retriever Grooming Kit?

Grooming is very necessary to keep your golden retriever’s coat shiny and beautiful. You can choose to buy a golden retriever grooming kit online to ensure that you are giving it the best grooming.

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