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Singapore is an advanced nation when it comes to technology and medical sciences. In case of a medical emergency, there are thousands of health care clinics and hospitals around the country for the people. Similarly, there are also vet clinics and hospitals in Singapore for treating animals. Animals, like humans, are sensitive to a variety of minor or major illnesses and diseases. And when they are in a need for medical assistance, the best solution is to get proper medical care and attention.  Anyone can visit vet clinic in Singapore to treat their pets or stray animals in need of medical care. Trained veterinarians treat these animals to get them back in the proper health form.  

Who is a vet? 

A veterinarian is a medical practitioner who treats animals. They protect the health and well-being of animals and even people. They help in diagnosing and controlling diseases in animals.  They also treat sick and injured animals. Veterinarians also advise pet owners to adopt healthy and proper methods to keep their pets in a good physical condition. A vet also offers a wide variety of services in both private clinics and public hospitals. They also work in military service, government services and more. They follow the correct practical and research methods to treat the animals. 

Vets are trained professionals and require a proper medical study background to qualify for treating animals. They must possess technical and scientific knowledge and should be aware of all the existing and current medical practices. 

What does a veterinarian do?

As a medical professional, a veterinarian has to perform various duties.  Some of them are as follows-

  • Diagnose animal health problems and disabilities. 
  • Vaccinate against diseases.
  • Give proper medication to animals who are suffering from infections or illnesses.
  • They should treat and dress wounds and bruises. 
  • Treat fractures in animals.
  • Perform minor or major surgeries according to the treatment.
  • Treat problems such as depression and anxiety among animals. 
  • Perform X-rays and ultrasounds to detect any internal health problems. 

In many cases, a veterinarian is very similar to a doctor.  Since animals cannot talk like babies, a vet must inquire all about the clinical history of the animal from the owner or client. To become a veterinarian one must have excellent communication skills. 

Small animal veterinarians in Singapore generally work in clinics or veterinary hospitals. Large animal veterinarians travel to see their patients at the primary facilities.


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