Which Dog Water Dispenser to Choose?

A water dispenser allows the dog to have a sufficient supply of fresh water throughout the day. It is an essential accessory for pets that stay alone at home. To choose a suitable water dispenser, you must take into account the number of dogs in the house. The fountain must have a sufficient capacity: count at least 25 cl per day and per dog. It must also offer good autonomy, be silent and easy to maintain.

Why Buy A Dog Water dispenser?

Good hydration is essential for the health of your pet. The dog water dispenser provides your dog with clean, fresh water at all times. This device operates on mains, which allows it to remain on 24 hours a day. It is equipped with a filtering system, in order to provide healthy water to your animal.

The use of a water dispenser is particularly recommended for dogs, because they have the particularity of not seeing very well up close. It is thus common to see a dog put its paw in its water bowl, before drinking. The slight sound of running water produced by the fountain therefore helps the dog to spot the presence of liquid more easily. This fun device is also attractive for animals that tend to hydrate very little. The best is to place it next to his kibble because it is during meals that the dog drinks the most. The large dog water dispenser is the perfect option in this case.

What Are The Criteria For Choosing A Dog Water dispenser?

Below are the criteria you should take care of:

The capacity

A dog consumes an average of 25 cl of water per day. The first criterion for choosing a fountain is therefore its capacity. It should allow all your animals to hydrate properly. To determine the capacity of a dog water dispenser, it is essential to take into account another criterion: the duration of your absence. If it is a question of offering water to only one dog during the day, a small model is more than enough. On the other hand, if you are away frequently on weekends and have two dogs at home, it is better to opt for a 1L model.


Most dog water dispensers are mains powered. It is important to check that the power cable is long enough. It can be useful to choose a model that has a back-up battery or batteries, so that your pet does not find itself without water in the event of a power failure. It is also relevant to check that the tank is accessible at all times.

The Noise

A dog water dispenser can produce a much less pleasant purr than your pets. We often observe that the cheapest models are also the noisiest, but this is not a generality. It is therefore interesting to consult the technical characteristics of the device, the noise level produced and the opinions of buyers.

The Accessories

Most dog water dispensers come with charcoal filters. The filter is changed every 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the model and the capacity. It is recommended to always have at least one advance filter on hand. It should be noted that some fountains are delivered with several filters. Other accessories can be offered: carpet, microfiber cloth, etc.

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