Dog Grooming Essentials

When you think of dog grooming, you might envision giving your dog a bath and putting a bow in its hair, but there is more to a healthy grooming routine than that. It’s important to pay attention to dog grooming Simi Valley at home, but a grooming service can be quite helpful for the bigger tasks. Here are the areas to focus on to be sure that your dog’s grooming routine is serving them well.


Your dog will require occasional baths to keep their hair and skin clean, but too frequent bathing can lead to dry, itchy skin. You can bathe them at home, or take them to a groomer for this service. Dogs also need to have their teeth and ears cleaned on a regular basis. You can get toothbrushes and toothpastes designed just for dogs, so that you can brush their teeth at home. Your veterinarian can also provide an ear cleaning solution to use at home.


Especially for long-haired dogs, regular brushing of their fur can prevent tangling and matting. But for dogs with any type of fur, brushing is still important. It helps your dog shed fur more easily, and helps keep their fur clean. In addition, brushing allows you to regularly examine your dog’s skin, so you’ll more quickly notice any new issues that arise.


Trimming your dog’s hair not only helps it look great, but it can also keep them healthy as well. Dogs especially need to have the hair around their eyes trimmed, to avoid infection. In addition to trimming their hair, it’s important to regularly trim your dog’s nails. This will dull their tips, which can prevent injury to humans and other dogs. Nail trimming also helps prevent ingrown nails.

To keep your dog as healthy as possible, be sure to attend to its grooming needs. Check with your veterinarian or a professional groomer to determine whether you’re missing an important grooming piece.

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